How can I participate in the project?

Our children working on QA of interactive children's books & apps for EduCat

To create your own book, send a request to our email describing what you can do (write texts, make pictures). After that, our manager will send you a sample of the technical enquiry. Please note that if the expert group will find your book interesting, they may invest into your publication. If not, you will have to pay for the work on your book.

The average cost of an interactive book of 10 pages is $ 300. This is the price of the book with your authorship, which you can give as a present to your children or to your friends’ children. Besides, your book will be automatically included into the package of our applications which are uploaded in Appstore and GooglePlay, and you will get 5% of each sale as the author.

Are our books paid or not?

The policy of our improvised publishing house is that every book has its price. The money allows expressing your gratitude to those who put their labor into it. Nevertheless, if you want to download our books for free, you can do that, too. For this purpose, please do some very simple acts, more precisely, introduce our project to your friends (5 friends for you to be able to download the books for free without registration).

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