European people usually celebrate Christmas on December 25, while in Russia it is celebrated on January 7. As our app will be available in 6 languages (English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian), we’re going to give users an opportunity to choose the day by themselves. It doesn’t matter when you celebrate Christmas, you will get a small game as a gift on each of the 25 pre-holiday days. It will also bring you joy after Christmas and New Year – anytime you’d like to enjoy the wonderful winter tale!

Last weekend, our Christmas Coloring book was also published in AppStore. Almost 700 people downloaded it just in two days! Some people who got it advise us to call this app not the Coloring Book but the Erasing Book, because you don’t actually need to paint anything there, you just need to melt the frostwork on the screen of your device with your finger. Besides, everyone agrees that melting that frostwork really gets you in the mood. So if you want to get ready for Christmas, you know where to go;)
(Unfortunately, we have some problems with displaying the app icon in iTunes now, but we’re going to correct it soon).

6 language versions of the Coloring Book app:

Yesterday, we published our Christmas Coloring Book on Google Play. Its pictures are hidden behind the frozen screen – you can melt them with you finger like frostwork on a window. It’s an absolutely free app with a marvelous Christmas music. You can see some beautiful pictures there that will later be in our Advent Calendar app (but they’ll also be animated in the Calendar app; and, besides, there will even be a burning fireplace there)

Download it! It’s really wonderful)
English version

In the middle of the autumn, we created a winter tale – the Advent Calendar game app.

It is thought that in the 17th century German people already tended to count the days till Christmas. They chalked little lines on the doors and walls and then erased them one by one every day, or just lit candles and hung some religious pictures on the walls. By the 19th century, that tradition had already been widespread.

The first Advent Calendar for children as we know it now (some windows with numbers and some small gifts hidden behind them) was made by hand in the middle of the 19th century. In 50 years, the first printed Advent Calendar was published. It consisted of 24 colored pictures attached to a piece of cardboard. That calendar was made by Gerhard Lang. On the internet, one can often find the legend about how his mother made a calendar for him when he was a child: little Gerhard wanted to know exactly how many days were left till Christmas. Perhaps, it was really like that.

Today, this tradition has spread all over the world and gained huge popularity. Both children and adults love getting gifts for Christmas.

This year, we’re also going to give some gifts with the help of our Advent Calendar)
This is our first app of this type, and we hope you will definitely like it.
There is a burning fireplace and a ticking clock there, the snow falls off the fir-trees because of a thrown snowball, and one can grow the carrot for Rudolph in a flowerpot.
So, let’s start waiting for Christmas!)

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Our children working on QA of interactive children's books & apps for EduCatThe market of tablet devices and mobile applications has being developing rapidly. Even now, Appstore and AndroidMarket have a lot if interactive books, games and educative application for children, and lots of them are for the smallest kids. Most children play with tablets with a lot of pleasure. However, many parents are wary of such leisure of their kids. And their fears have reasons. Really, the child’s mentality is flexible and fragile while the unreflecting use of a tablet and unlimited access to mobile games may cause problems in family relations and even make harm to the child’s health. We are parents ourselves, and, of course, we are interested in safety of our kids and our little readers. That is why we elaborated a number of guidelines to make the communication of children with interactive books useful and amusing.

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