One day before the release

We’re giving the finishing touches to our Advent Calendar app. For example, recently it has turned out that one of the hares on the cover of our calendar cannot hide behind the snowman properly – his hind leg is seen! Our developers felt sorry for the poor animal and teached him to hide better:)

We’re planning to publish our Advent Calendar app in AppStore and Google Play on Monday (December 2). We’ll also spend some days on checking the app in the markets, so for those for whom Advent starts on December 1, we’ll be a little late. But it is not so bad, because then you’ll be able to open several gifts at once;)

Besides that, don’t forget about our contest: the one who will guess how one can get all gifts in the app at once (and even on the first day!), will be given the iOS or Android version of our Advent Calendar app as a gift.

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