Our children working on QA of interactive children's books & apps for EduCatThe market of tablet devices and mobile applications has being developing rapidly. Even now, Appstore and AndroidMarket have a lot if interactive books, games and educative application for children, and lots of them are for the smallest kids. Most children play with tablets with a lot of pleasure. However, many parents are wary of such leisure of their kids. And their fears have reasons. Really, the child’s mentality is flexible and fragile while the unreflecting use of a tablet and unlimited access to mobile games may cause problems in family relations and even make harm to the child’s health. We are parents ourselves, and, of course, we are interested in safety of our kids and our little readers. That is why we elaborated a number of guidelines to make the communication of children with interactive books useful and amusing.

Dear parents, please read the text below thoughtfully. Please do not be careless, remember that your children are the most precious treasure that you have. Continue reading