About EduCat project

Have you ever dreamt of telling your child a wonderful story of your own creation? Or have you already invented a whole series of adventures of a fantastic character whose name is Wiksly The Blob Of Paint, which you related to your children? So, we are glad to see you at EduCat, the site of children’s interactive books for iPad, Android and Windows 8. The books are suitable for all these systems and they can be easily read with all types of tablets.

Our children working on QA of interactive children's books & apps for EduCat

EduCat is a unique project as the writers and authors here are common parents to whom EduCat’s psychologists, pedagogues, illustrators and IT specialists helped to make their books interesting, useful and vivid. Indeed, the pictures come to life at the screen and the child communicating the book can discover the whole world. We did not skip such classic texts as “Little House” and “The House That Jack Built” but we also created some work of authorship as, for example, educative series about “The Kitten Who Did Not Want To Go To School”. The texts are in English (American), French and Russian. You can read or listen to them. We used different educative tricks in our books, starting from classic “dress up games” to solving rebuses. All books are made with a lot of attention to children and they are based on the advice of psychologists and pedagogues of different countries. As these books were written for our children!

How did we do that?

EduCat is the one who likes learning and discovering the world. That’s what we expect from our children. Initially, it was a self-motivated international group of parents of different professions such as psychologists, pedagogues, sociologists, artists, IT specialists. Now, our staff is divided into the “book creators”, whom anybody can join, and the “expert group” which includes specialists capable to edit a text, illustrations or even the idea of a book professionally. We were united by a desire to tell fabulous stories to our children and to our friends’ children, and to introduce new fields of knowledge and the whole world to them. Further on, the ones who could write stories or draw pictures, did it, so we created a number of classic and unique interactive books. You can participate in the project, too!

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